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Goddess Bastet - A beautiful author's painting created from scratch in DruArtis. Decorated with rich gold and symbols also hidden in hieroglyphs, it carries great power.


Egyptian goddess of love, joy, music, dance, home, fertility, and cats. Bastet was believed to protect against disease and demons.


The Eye of Horus, a symbol of rebirth and recovery, and one of the most important conservation symbols in ancient Egypt.


This image will not only beautifully complete and decorate your interior, arouse admiration among your guests, but will also radiate power.


Invite this powerful beauty to your home.


The size of the canvas is 80x100 cm.

Protected with a satin varnish and ready to hang without framing.

It has a certificate of authenticity.

I issue invoices.

Free shipping within Poland.


Are you interested in purchasing?

Feel free to contact me :)

Goddess Bastet - painting on canvas 80x100 cm

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